Frame Damage repair

     If you feel that your sofa is sagging, dips down, there is a broken slat poking through, or you sat on the sofa and heard a snap of wood, you may experience the frame damage. We can repair any frame damage, whether it is underneath the seat, on the back, or even in the armrest. The professional technician will open the upholstery, analyse the damage, provide extra wooden and metal support, and complete the repairs. Some types of sofas/chairs have flexolator instead of wooden slats. If the technician determines, that the fexolator is broken, we will help you order the new part and install it for you, so you can continue to enjoy your chair/sofa.

     If there is no frame damage, but the cushions are sagging, then it is time for the padding upgrade. Based on the inspection results the technician can either add extra padding or replace the insert cores altogether.

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